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BaleBlox is a next-generation building solution dedicated
to delivering more affordable and energy efficient homes,
a cleaner environment, and sustainable rural communities.


The novel BaleBlox building system is comprised of pre-formed, sealed, interlocking containers of various sizes that enclose bioproducts, feature integrated channels, and are assembled in fully customizable combinations for the construction of affordable, durable, recyclable, load-bearing, insulating, energy-efficient, and pest-, moisture-, and flame-resistant structures.

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How it Works

BaleBlox is a Pioneer in Field-to-Family Building Supplies

Partnerships with farmers transform agricultural waste
into unique building materials.

​Off-site manufacturing in micro-factories brings new jobs and revenue to rural communities.​

More affordable, efficient, and sustainable builds transform
the residential market.

Hay Bales
How It Works


  • Housing cost has outstripped inflation over the past 50 years and is now the largest expense facing most families, making it a major factor in housing instability among the working poor.

  • Agri-waste bioproducts like straw are low-cost and abundant, but the labor intensity required to build bale homes has pushed the price above conventional construction.​

  • BaleBlox is a patent-pending solution to these challenges:

  • made with low-cost waste and recycled materials

  • easily assembled onsite with low labor intensity

  • less expensive and quicker home construction

  • energy efficient with high insulation R-Values

  • load-bearing and moisture-, pest- and fire-resistant

  • integrated channels for wiring and plumbing

  • may be clad with any desired finishing material

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  • Farm bankruptcies are at historic highs, with many farmers facing unsustainable debt-to-asset ratios and foreclosure threatening farm families across the U.S.

  • BaleBlox is dedicated to helping farmers and rural communities across America:

    • partnering with farmers to purchase biowaste

    • producing containers in rural micro-factories

    • generating much-needed new jobs and revenue

  • BaleBlox is positioned for equally positive impact in developing nations, where farmers are facing severe challenges to their operational and financial survival.



  • Conventional construction impacts the environment
    via mining, deforestation, and energy consumption, and it is a major source of greenhouse gas emissions and landfill waste.

  • In the U.S. alone, more than 200 million tons of waste straw are burned or left to decay each year due to low market demand.

  • Each bale contains ~15 pounds of carbon, releasing a large volume of CO2 into the atmosphere when burned.

  • BaleBlox helps combat climate change by:

    • using recyclable materials for the containers

    • using agricultural waste products for their filler

    • sequestering the carbon stored in bioproducts

    • reducing transportation via regional production

    • reducing landfill volume via zero-waste assembly

    • powering production with anaerobic digesters

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Social Impact
Image by Anton Maksimov juvnsky


BaleBlox  Benefits

  • Ideal for residential and commercial use

  • Reduces the time and cost of construction

  • Produces highly energy-efficient structures

  • Fully customizable to any architectural design

  • Sequesters carbon and reduces GHG emissions

  • Reduces energy consumption and landfill waste 

  • Protects buildings from rot, infestation, and fire

  • Generates revenue and jobs for rural communities

  • Fosters important new sources of meaningful data

  • Creates global business and charitable opportunities


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